Gain Invaluable Experience Performing 研究

Through the University of New Haven’s Summer Undergraduate 研究 Fellowship program, you’ll work side by side with a faculty mentor, conduct an intensive research project, and discover even more about your passion.

Pursuing Undergraduate 研究 Starts Students on a Path to Success

The Summer Undergraduate 研究 Fellowship (SURF) experience provides undergraduate students experience in designing and conducting a research project of their own, while working under the guidance of a faculty mentor and participating in an extended learning community that includes current and past SURF scholars.

“What is especially valuable is the opportunity SURF affords students to learn outside of the traditional course structure and to cross disciplinary boundaries to pursue research under the guidance of mentors from a variety of disciplines, within a collaborative and multidisciplinary community that supports creativity and innovation,” said 朱迪·兰迪,艾德.D., director of the SURF program.

"SURF promotes undergraduate research in an innovative, interdisciplinary environment,”said 朱迪·兰迪,艾德.D., director of the SURF program." 朱迪·兰迪,艾德.D., director of the SURF program

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