Prepare for the Future in the Heart of the Action

One of the reasons the 网赌上分平台 is the perfect spot in which to live and learn is its location to everything that is important to you. Rub elbows with Yale students in New Haven, 坐火车去纽约, or spend the weekend exploring Washington, D.C.波士顿或两者之间的城市.

An Unmatched Intellectual Environment

Situated on 82 acres atop a hill overlooking the New Haven skyline, 可以看到长岛湾的景色, our residential campus is conveniently located a mile north of Interstate 95 between Boston (135 miles away) and New York City (75 miles away).

我们的安全, secure campus community offers a wealth of world-class amenities, 而, 就在我们校园外面, 西港—— ranked as one of the safest college towns in the country by SafeWise -提供了一个真正的大学城的感觉, 有公园, 商店, 娱乐活动, 还有值得探索的餐厅. 西汉文 also boasts the longest coastline in Connecticut, putting you never more than steps away from some of the nicest beaches in the state.

Just 10 minutes away, New Haven is a thriving center for both industry and 文化. With seven colleges and universities in the immediate area, it’s also a center for academic and technological innovation. Students and faculty come to New Haven from around the world to immerse themselves in this unparalleled intellectual environment.

A Gateway to New York City, New England - and 除了

No matter which direction you head from our campus in 西汉文, there’s something new to discover. You are only two hours away from Boston to the north and New York City to the south. You’re three hours from skiing in New Hampshire or seeing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Plus, the history and hustle and bustle of our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.到北京只有五个小时的路程.


我们离纽约市很近, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – and truly the city that never sleeps – gives you regular access to acclaimed 百老汇 plays, 10个大联盟体育专营权, 在第五大道购物, and such well-known sites as 中央公园 and the 帝国大厦. 和, you are only three hours from Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore and five hours from Washington, D.C. Or, stay in New England and enjoy an endless array of opportunities. From the ski slopes of Vermont to the lakes of New Hampshire to the miles-long coastline of Rhode Island to the stunning state parks of Maine, New England has something for everyone – no more than a few hours away.


Miles to the Beach and Long Island Sound












When you come to the 网赌上分平台, you’re never far from history. 西汉文 was a frequent arrival point during the Revolutionary War. New Haven is home to Yale and the historic New Haven Green and is credited with introducing pizza to Connecticut. The area surrounding the University is home to a number of iconic firsts, and the history of our region is second to none.


"Connecticut offers such a dynamic blend of things to do. From beautiful beaches along the Connecticut coast to scenic green trails throughout the state. From some of the world’s most exciting casino resorts to some of New England’s most picturesque camping grounds. From challenging adventure parks to stimulating 博物馆. They’re all so close to you — and all so close to each other." - CT访问.com

  • 纽黑文地区海滩
  • 神秘水族馆和海港
  • 主教的果园
  • 吉列的城堡
  • 这个公司剧场
  • 新英格兰六旗
  • 灯塔角公园
  • 长码头剧院
  • 毕格罗山谷州立公园
  • 湖Compounce
  • 丰田呈现奥克代尔剧院
  • 沥青工厂
  • 莱曼果园
  • 耶鲁大学的碗
  • 顶针群岛
  • 福克斯伍德还是孙莫黑根
  • 耶鲁大学英国艺术中心
  • 海岸电车博物馆
  • 伊莱·惠特尼博物馆
  • 康涅狄格儿童博物馆
  • 耶鲁皮博迪博物馆
  • 资讯科技冒险绳索课程
  • 耶鲁的商店
  • Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium at Yale University
  • 国际艺术节 & 的想法
  • R.J. 茱莉亚书商
  • Adventure Park at the Discovery 博物馆
  • 比尔兹利动物园
  • 康涅狄格科学中心
  • 耶鲁沼泽植物园
  • 梅格斯角自然中心
  • 斯图尔特B. 麦金尼国家野生动物保护区
  • 白沙海滩
  • 落基颈州立公园
  • 沃兹沃斯雅典娜美术馆
  • 布雷德利角公园
  • Hammonasset海滩
  • 哈伯德公园 & 城堡克雷格
  • 粉岭山公园 & 度假胜地

除了 the many on-campus food options, the cities of 西汉文 and New Haven are go-to locations for food lovers. 事实上, Louis’ Lunch is the birthplace of the hamburger, and New Haven has been named among the best pizza towns in the country. There are more than 50 local restaurants and national chains within a three-mile radius of the campus, 有些还接受充电器现金.

  • 阿奇·摩尔的
  • 路易斯的午餐
  • 斯托的海鲜
  • 酒吧的披萨
  • 那不勒斯弗兰克·佩佩披萨店
  • 莎莉的Apizza
  • 现代披萨店
  • Zuppardi的Apizza
  • 艾伯特的荒野龙虾店
  • 码头的海鲜 & 烧烤
  • 神秘的披萨
  • 炖莱纳德的
  • 埃塞克斯快船晚餐列车
  • Bobby Flay's Bar American
  • 安东尼·杰克的柴火烤架
  • 壳牌 & 骨头牡蛎吧 & 烧烤
  • Ola餐厅
  • 莱尼 & 乔的鱼的故事
  • 迈克尔·乔丹牛排馆
  • Claire's Corner复印机
  • 贝尔斯登的熏制房
  • ' 16
  • 泰德的餐厅
  • CandiTopia
  • 乔吉的餐厅
  • 长码头美食车
  • 尼尔的甜甜圈
  • 龙虾着陆

“自然之美, 文化, and history of New England attract and delight visitors from around the world... Fall is for viewing the colorful foliage; winter brings all manner of snow sports; spring is the time for urban fun, 博物馆, and cultural attractions; and summer is for getting outdoors in the mountains, 梅多斯, 和海滩." - 访问

  • 阿巴拉契亚山径
  • 新港大厦
  • 帝国大厦
  • 自由女神
  • 汉普顿
  • 自由女神像
  • 火岛国家海岸
  • 洋基球场
  • 时代广场
  • 百老汇
  • 自由之塔
  • 帝国大厦
  • 汉普顿
  • 克莱斯勒大厦
  • 中央公园
  • 布鲁克林大桥
  • 中央车站
  • 美国自然历史博物馆
  • 史丹顿岛渡轮
  • 展望公园
  • 康尼岛气旋
  • 布朗克斯动物园
  • 高架线
  • 阿波罗剧院
  • 花旗球场
  • 波士顿公共花园
  • 波士顿公园
  • 自由小道
  • 昆西市场
  • 法纳尔厅
  • 普利茅斯岩石
  • 篮球名人堂
  • 芬威球场
  • 新港大厦
  • 国家海岸
  • Nauset灯塔
  • 北方暴露服装公司
  • 伍斯特艺术博物馆
  • 波士顿流行乐团
  • 自由之路走进历史
  • 波士顿倾茶事件船只 & 博物馆
  • 塞勒姆女巫博物馆
  • 莫霍克小道
  • 新英格兰水族馆
  • 蝴蝶之家
  • 白山国家森林
  • 圣高登国家历史遗址
  • 阿卡迪亚国家公园
  • 海盗湾冒险
  • 德里歌剧院
  • 云中的城堡
  • 石墙农场
  • 布罗姆利山
  • 本 & 杰瑞的工厂之旅
  • 大佛蒙特玉米迷宫